We are offering three fact sheets as support which explain the current regulatory environment on sports betting in France as well as a communications kit to help dress your websites and changing rooms in the colours of Integrity!

Fact Sheet – French Law

To help familiarize yourself with the law that came into play on 12th May 2010 which opened the French online sports betting market to competition, and which defined corruption within sport as a criminal offense.

Fact Sheet – The FFHB’s rules and regulations for Handball

Here, we explain the five main prohibitions in handball and the list of all people within the sport who are subject to these prohibitions and disciplinary penalties for violations.

Fact Sheet - Overview of various risks

A sheet that shows the four types of risks when fixing a competition: risks for oneself, one´s family, for one’s team and for the sport of handball.

A communication kit for you!

  • An illustrated poster outlining the 5 main rules to print and display! Download here
  • A banner to promote the hand-clean website and app on your own website. Download here